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August 2021
let yourself be pampered by the deedgeridoo vibes
travel in your inner world
give yourself a wellness moment
discover the ancestral massage
for information ask Maurizio
half hour 30€ - one hour 50€
ag yoYOGA
yoga in sanscrit means "unity"...in the morning we discover practice and game to riconnect with our self,
stay in contact with our emotions, feel our body, aweken our energy and connect with the life around us...
come as you are...we wait for you every morning (except Wednesday) at 10 am.
Meeting by the Pool.

Entertainment for whole family

After the pleasure of the sun, leisure activities and sports during the day which can be made within the domain and the surrounding area, we also  organize throughout the summer evenings enjoyment for the entire family, such as:
Theme nights - live concerts of classical and modern music - evening”dance”, suitable for all ages.

At Le Betulle, popular both for singles as for families, it also raises a lot of attention to recreation and entertainment for children…

because if the children are happy, so are the parents.
A staff of assistants is on hand for everyone and which is dedicated to help our guests enjoy their free time five days a week, with sports and activities suitable for all ages.

There are always new and entertaining ways to enjoy your holiday, such as: watergames in the pool, manual games, enthralling shows that will stimulate the creativity of the youngest guests and make their holiday unforgettable.

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