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Walking and hiking trails for mountainbiking around the village

The magic in our region is, that on one hand we have the great Plains and on the other we have the beginning of the Alps mountain. It is just a short hike to see the world from above.


La Cassa Basso
Trails in the plains.
In the old center of La Cassa you can find an old oven from the 17th century. In spring- and summer time you can make some nice walks around La Cassa. Near the river Ceronda there are some hiking trails. Walking towards the fountain you pass the ruins of “the old La Cassa”, (La Cassa a Basso). This path also leads to an old mill. Another path leads along the river towards the Royal Park: La Mandria. Besides the hiking trails you also find mountainbike trails.

La Cassa Alta
Mountain trails.
Other more challenging routes develop above the mountainous Valceronda, such as path "Costa Bella." A path in the woods that leaves directly from the village and climbs to the top of Mount Bernard. From whose summit you can see the two valleys; La Cassa on one hand and the other Givoletto.

Madonna della Neve
Another pleasant path is the one that leads to the "Madonna della Neve." An one hour walk if you start from the sanctuary of Givoletto, more or less twice the time if you start from La Cassa. Because of the scarcity of vegetation you have a wide view of the area and so the walk becomes a moment of true relaxation.
High above the world you can get lost in your own thoughts, away from the muffled sounds from below.

Monte Musine (Mount Musine).
Located only a 10 minute drive from La Cassa, you reach the close of Caselette and the climb of 'magic' Monte Musine (Mount Musine).
This is a great and beautiful hike for those who are looking for a more challeging route. At the very top of Mount Musine there stands a 15 meters high white cross on a concrete base. This cross was placed there in 1901. Thousands of years ago, Mount Musine was a vulcano.
There are archaeological remains dating back to the Bronze Age (1700 BC). Mount Musine is shrouded in legend and mystery and it has always been considered an esoteric place. The two hour hike is quite demanding, but once you have reached the top you can enjoy a splendid view of the area. On one side you have the view of Turin and the Turin plain and on the other side you can see the lower Susa Valley and the lakes of Avigliana and also the Sacra di San Michele.

By request, you can get more information and a detailed map of the area

Horseback ridingin La Cassa
The association ‘San Giovanni’, located in the area Pralungo at the borders of the park ‘La Mandria’, organizes horse riding in the nature of different duration and for every level of rider, individual or large groups.

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